On Time

Time is the one force of nature that no one can fully understand. The Modern Mind can place much within its domain of comprehension: Gravity and vacuums, atomic and planetary movement, light and sound, all of these can be measured, grasped, understood, but not time. No, there is no scientific way to measure time- we only have ways to examine our interpretation of time.

We could insinuate that time cannot be understood because it does not exist- existence being defined as having a state of objective reality. There are those who’d say that it is a mere convention; a tool used by men solely for the sake of regulating business. But that’s not strictly so, it it?

Consider plant life; the majority of global flora go through daily cycles, regulating by whether or not the sun is shining. They must spend certain periods within each state, for if one is neglected, the other is overwhelmed, and the creature dies.

Consider, also, a bat within a cave. It hunts at specific portions of the day, despite not seeing the sun.

There is also, of course, the rate of decay- the inexorable desecration of the physical that releases spent energy to the universe. The body decomposes within a certain period, barring extenuating factors, meaning that this process, too, is subjected to a natural temporal regulation.

But what of unnatural regulation? Is it ‘time’ to say that an author must complete a work within a specific ‘time’ period? Or that any other person must accomplish a task within allotted ‘time’? Of course- though we arbitrarily determine how much time is given in modern society, all tasks, throughout history, were devoted to survival, and will continue to be.

The hunter-gatherer is so named because it was all he did, but he needed to do so within a specific time in order to continue his own life cycle. Those who failed in tribal duties could often be subjected to punishment that, inevitably, caused his or her life to end its course that much faster. Similarly, in the modern age, the inability to operate according to the standards that are required of you to profit will result in the near-certainty of homelessness and starvation.

Despite human advancements, the Earth spins at precisely the same rate, day in and day out, and will continue to do so until it is ultimately subjected to the dark regality of cosmic oblivion. Our delightful little sphere orbits around the sun; our solar system revolves and orbits as well; the other galaxies shift, spin and move in relation to one another; these all happen cyclically, as if these celestial bodies are one giant LP with a skipping needle, forced to play on loop until their end comes.

Human behavior, like the actions of the planets, is also regulated by such cycles, though often beyond our conscious awareness. Should one overeat at a midday meal, one will still look for food at the time one would usually eat next, even if one is not hungry. If a person stays up late, that person may, without consulting the clock, yawn to his or her self and say, “Time for bed.”

So, is time irrelevant, then, if that person did not concern themselves with what the time actually was? Numerically, yes; literally, no, because that person’s physiology dictated that, its normal cycle having been broken, the mind was to shut down and relinquish consciousness to the temporary death we all have come to love so much.

To those who say that time does not exist, I propose that you are wrong. To those who say that time does exist, I say the same, for this reason:
Time as we know it is merely a convention used to analyze and understanding the notion of how our entire physical universe operates in cycles. These cycles are the ‘true’ time; hours, days and years are ‘human’ time.

Time is in a constant state of partial existence- we can conclusively say that all things cycle, operate under the ebb and flow of atomic energy, and absorb and release that energy at specific times- but we cannot objectively state what it really is or in what ways it can be understood.

All things, separately and simultaneously, are subjected to their own inescapable eventuality. Whether the fruit fly, which lives for a mere day, or a star, which could live for hundreds of thousands of years before detonating and wiping out all life around it, these things will continue to repeat upon themselves until they cease to exist.

As will we all.


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