High Resolution- a look at a new years’ tradition

Ah, here we are, Travelers, at the dawn of a new year. 365 days ago, we made a pact with ourselves to… Ok, let’s face it, many of us didn’t reach our goals- or at least not all of them- and exactly one year ago today, most people were busy drinking and celebrating good company. “What can I do to improve myself?” was the last thing on our minds.

Sure, we think about what we could do to live happier, healthier lives, but it can take weeks to form an actual resolution. Worse still, resolutions tend to be over-the-top and difficult to achieve.

So, why do I bring this up? Allow me, if you will, to share my philosophy on lifestyle changes (if you’re still reading my blog come Valentine’s Day, the infamous Feb 14th post may sound familiar…)

Here’s my one rule: Don’t wait until January first to start working towards a better you. The fact is, almost everyone has at least one way they could do things better the next time around.

Yes, of course I make new years resolutions- mine happen to be read more and finish my next novel- but true change takes time and a quality that some lack, though it should seem the most obvious- resolve.

Many goals are passing fancies, but if you want to effect change upon yourself, you need to want it- you have to need it. But if you want something that bad, don’t wait! Don’t think, “I’d like to lose ten pounds” and then say “Well, the gym is closed, I’ll start tomorrow.”

It’s easy to get sucked into the miasma of internet banality, television and junk foods. As a video game lover- and someone who lost 65 pounds over the past 2.5 years- I know that path isn’t one you simply walk down.

If we wish to venture down the road to true change, we have to be willing to sacrifice a part of ourselves, or build ourselves anew.  THAT is why change is so hard- it’s admitting that we want to alter or get rid of a part of what we identify as our ‘self’.

That isn’t a bad thing though! Change is a part of life. Seasons shift, the tides ebb and flow, and lives begin as well as end, sometimes without warning. Change isn’t something we can escape; we are not the people we were five years ago, nor will we be the same five years from now. You will, Travelers, change, whether you want to or not.

The only question is: Will you let fate shape you, or will you embrace change and decide exactly who you want to be?


One response to “High Resolution- a look at a new years’ tradition

  1. Great post! I too am of the belief that if a person is truly going to make a change, it should start immediately. Deciding to “have one more cigarette” or start that new diet tomorrow is the easiest way to sabotage a goal before it even begins. Thanks for sharing!

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