A review: The Scurrying, by Christofer Nigro, in Carnage After the End volume one

Hello, Travelers! I hope you’re having a nice evening. My reviews for these volumes have been delayed somewhat by the volume of goings-on in my life, but I assure you I’ll have the rest as soon as possible.

The Scurrying, by Christofer Nigro

The story:

Humanity has fallen to rats before, but never like this. Rather than the tiny plague-bearers most know them as, Nigro’s rats are mastiff-sized and out for blood. Alexandra, a battle-hardened woman who leads a small band of survivors, is determined to keep humanity’s numbers from dwindling. Armed with intensely honed skills and new information as to the source of the rats, the only question remains is, Will she be able to act before the rats overtake the last vestiges of society?

My thoughts:

I liked the back story here. Not only was the direct plot tense with the notion of ‘the-battle-is-never-over’ but I found myself very interested in knowing more about how the rats came to be and if they can be stopped. Some teasing information is included in this story, but I definitely wanted to know more.

Additionally, this a great battle scene in any book I’ve read thus far. Granted, I don’t read many action-themed stories, but it is a rare sight to find someone who can accurately and technically describe such a situation without losing less-than-combat-savvy readers.

The characters were engaging and kept me interested. Though, at first, I didn’t like Alexandra, more sides of her are revealed as the story goes on, changing the way one looks at her. The others have their own fun idiosyncrasies, lending a more human presence to these characters. Plus I so rarely get to read things wherein characters reference Norse mythology- that was definitely a treat.

The only thing I might pick out negatively is that the opening felt a little slow, with a number of details being explained directly at the same time rather than shown or alluded to later.

In full, I thought this was an interesting tale that could definitely merit a follow-up story to explore the potential intricacies of the subtle background details here. A solid 4.5 stars, though I think that, with more room to elaborate and take some time with certain points, this would definitely have been a 5 star story.


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