My sincerest apologies, friends

Hello, Travelers.

I recently set out to grant each writer for both anthologies of Carnage: After the End a separate review. Regrettably, due to a few deadlines, time constraints, and school starting up, I am not able to do so.

HOWEVER- I did write a review for both volumes on Amazon, and I meant every word. I thoroughly enjoyed both anthologies and, whether or not I gave/ would’ve given you a 5 star review, I think everyone involved did a phenomenal job. That includes the writers and, of course, Nina, Kalla and Gloria of Siren’s Call Publications.

My apologies are directed towards those who I have not and likely will not be able to individually (not that you were sitting around in eager anticipation of me doing so, but still, when I can’t finish what I start, I feel it’s appropriate to say something).

On that note, I’ll be stopping back soon to chat, possibly discuss some new-semester-observations, maybe share a poem or two… but until classes end, I’ll be a little scarce.

May our paths cross again soon, fellow travelers.



I'd love to hear what you have to say, traveler

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