Broken Dream by @moondustwriter @penofthedamned

Hello Travelers,

There’s nothing like a little darkness to liven up a bright day, and rarely does one find a more fitting piece of short horror than at the Pen of the Damned forum.

Today, I found myself reading Leslie Moon’s “Broken Dream”, a very intriguing piece that seems to have a mix of Gothic and Romantic influences. Take a moment to step out of your reality and into her nightmare, won’t you?

Broken Dream.


One response to “Broken Dream by @moondustwriter @penofthedamned

  1. Thank you for the share, Alex. We appreciate it tremendously! If you’ve ever read any of Leslie’s poetry before, I’m sure you’ll agree that she’s immensely talented. And now that we’ve nudged her to put forth her own darkness, there’s no telling what she’s capable of 😉

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