BACK ROOM DEALS, by @WyomingBob #horror #writing

Hello Travelers,

I always had my suspicions about Mr. McRob, but he’s stepped forward to confess under the guise of fiction. Some might ask how a simple writer became the devil, saying it’s illogical to assume that someone you can casually hold a conversation with is the Prince of Darkness.

In his own words, “Fuck logic.” Take a breath of fresh air before you go, ye wayward souls. You’ll need it.



One response to “BACK ROOM DEALS, by @WyomingBob #horror #writing

  1. The Prince of Darkness is the Master of all Lies, Alex. He can spin a web of words so complex, you’ve forgotten your own name by the time he’s done with you… and there’s a good chance you’ll be thanking him!

    Blaze’s story was a crossroads ‘gift’ undoubtedly, just not for Zack! 😉

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