Bad Company by @daemonwulf @penofthedamned #horror #story #writing

Good afternoon, Travelers,

It is my distinct pleasure to bring this morsel to your attention. Go head, enjoy- I’m certain the beast who created it would like nothing more. I, for one, distinctly enjoyed taking a bite out of this piece…  and the aftertaste is incredible.

Go ahead, Wanderers. Please, enjoy Daemonwulf’s latest offering.

Bad Company.

5 responses to “Bad Company by @daemonwulf @penofthedamned #horror #story #writing

  1. Why thankssssss, Sir Chase. (Considering the topic of discussion, that’s probably quite the opportune surname… *predatory smile*) But, on a serious note, I thank you very kindly for posting my account of a peaceful, early morning stroll in the woods… *toothy grin*

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