The Library @TJBrown89

Hello Travelers,


We walk this earth in hopes that we may blaze our own trail, but many often forget the benefits of seeing where others have gone. No longer do we hold in regard that which has already been, yet the accomplishments of the long dead are, perhaps, crucial parts of our journeys.


Take a moment, Traveler, to read The Library, by Thomas Brown, as it is truly a pleasure to see I’m not the only one to treasure antiquity.


The Library.


4 responses to “The Library @TJBrown89

  1. Thank you for sharing “The Library” with us, Alex!!

    Thom is an incredible talent & wields a sure, strong voice throughout each of his stories. “The Library” works wonderfully on so many levels. Your readers will be thankful you’ve introduced them to Thom & his work 🙂

  2. Hello Alex,

    I have just discovered your re-blog of ‘The Library’ here. I want to say thank you for sharing it. If there are any advantages to digital texts over print, it is the ability to share them with rest of the world so easily via the internet. In any other instance, give me a paperback!

    All the best,


    • You’re most welcome! Thank you, Tom, for having shared your story with the internet in the first place (and I agree- even though I have a kindle, nothing beats a paperback!)

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