Sweet Nothings by @JosephAPinto

Hello Travelers,


Love is such a volatile thing, isn’t it? We say it’s delicate and tender, but who are we kidding- it’s about power or the lackthereof, about trust and betrayal, about the give and take. What do you do when your significant other is giving and taking when s/he shouldn’t be?

Perhaps Joseph Pinto has an answer. It may not be THE answer, but it’s certainly an interesting one. Be sure to read it, friends.


Sweet Nothings.


4 responses to “Sweet Nothings by @JosephAPinto

  1. Hey Alex! Whaddya mean mine is not THE answer? What, you some kind of wise guy now?? 😛

    Thank you very much for the share…I do hope you enjoyed ‘Sweet Nothings.’ One of my more simple, yet brutal, tales. Voice is everything in a story; it can take a basic premise and push it to new heights. I hope I’ve achieved that here.

    Your continued support is much appreciated, my friend!!

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