Down In A Hole by @tyrkieran @penofthedamned

Hello Travelers,

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? These long roads have kept me away for some time as I pursued my various projects. One or two, unfortunately, have been, how shall we say… dead… ends.

However, it is my distinct pleasure to bring you Tyr Kieran’s “Down in a Hole”. At times, we must use all of our power to do what we think we must. But what qualifies as something we ‘must’ do? Is it something that makes us more than human? Or does our doing it make us less so?

Take a moment to see what Tyr thinks of this matter…

Down In A Hole.


5 responses to “Down In A Hole by @tyrkieran @penofthedamned

  1. The things we do despite their negative impact on others is most definitely what makes us less human and humane! And in the society of today with its technology driven instant gratification the Golden Rule is long forgotten… God help us all! Yay for pessimism, ha ha.
    Thanks for the support, Alex!!!

    • No need to thank me- I agree, the Golden Rule is clearly not at the forefront of society’s attention these days. Such a shame, really. Keep up the great work!

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