The Other by @Sotet_Angyal @penofthedamned

Hello Travelers,

I love the phrase ‘significant other’ for many reasons. One of which is that it implies there are insignificant others, lovers who represent such a small part of our own existence that we could utterly forget about them.

Similarly, it means there are Others who are bound to us with no regard to significance at all. But does that make their existence more or less meaningful? Let’s see what the Dark Angel of Pen of the Damned has to say about that…

The Other.


4 responses to “The Other by @Sotet_Angyal @penofthedamned

  1. This is a complete killer of a story from Nina…so imaginative & fueled with emotion…she’s opened an entire world, yet slyly keeps it hidden from us all…another outstanding read, Nina!!

    Thank you for sharing, Alex!! 🙂

    • I agree, and I would love to hear more of this Other world, if the Dark Angel might be so inclined… but, some stories are not for human minds to know. Either way, you’re most welcome!

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