666 Words by @demonauthor

Hello Travelers,

Birthright is a funny thing. Whether of noble or common blood, of modest or majestic inheritance, or of superior or inferior DNA, many believe we are a product of the circumstances of our birth and nothing more. Have we the power to resist what is determined for us before we’re even born?

The Damned’s Dan Dillard presents an interesting situation, leading to yet another question: if we embrace our birthright, are we limited only to that one life, or could, perhaps, fulfilling our ‘destiny’ yield something greater?

666 Words.


Damned Words 3 by @PenoftheDamned

Hello Travelers,

Today I bring you Pen of the Damned’s third poetry ensemble. For those unfamiliar, each Damned writes a short piece about the same picture, leading to a wide array of views on the same situation.

In this scene, a looming archway. Stone. Empty. Dark. Surrounded by trees and sunlight, yet foreboding, as if it arose from the dirt, unbidden and unaided, and none have had the gall to cross its threshold.

Dare you, Traveler?

Damned Words 3.