Find me @CoffinHop 2013!

Hello Travelers,

I know it’s been quite some time, and I blame school for that, but I’m back with news that I’m participating in Coffin Hop over the coming 8 days. Each day, I’ll be posting an excerpt of previously written work, some of which I wrote when quite young, and giving a variety of prizes throughout.

What prizes, you ask? Well, because I’m broke, I can’t give away much physical merchandise, but here’s the breakdown:

(You may notice this section has changed; as per some advice I was given by several previous coffin hoppers, I’ve opted to change this section)

Regrettably, I will be giving away one prize, due entirely to the fact that I am broke. One lucky winner, chosen from everyone who comments on my posts throughout the entire week of coffin hop, will receive a signed anthology of his or her choice (out of those I’ve published in, of course). I could give out a variety of eBooks, but I’d rather give one special gift.

There you have it, folks. I hope to hear a lot from you all very soon.

Farewell, friends,

A. Chase


Dissections 2 by @JosephAPinto @penofthedamned

Hello Travelers,

Once again, we’ve been given a few chilling poems by the incomparable Joseph Pinto. They’re short and sweet, so I won’t spoil your appetite here. Do yourself a favor and check out his newest Dissections, won’t you?

Farewell, friends,
A. Chase

Dissections 2.

Damned Words 2

Hello Travelers,

A few days ago, my favorite group of horror writers, Pen of the Damned, released a collaborative post featuring several very short poems or stories by some of their members. It’s like getting free literature wholesale! Be sure to visit, subscribe, and thank The Damned for their generosity.

Damned Words 2.

Tender is a Cupcake by @JosephAPinto

Hello Travelers,

Good parenting seems to be a rare thing in today’s society, and this is truly a shame. The thing about writers, though, is that when one creates a work with real passion, that emotional strength carries in every line.

Please take a moment to read Tender is a Cupcake and celebrate Joseph’s love for his daughter.

Wishing you the best,

Tender is a Cupcake.

Splinters In My Feet #photography #poetry #atoz #napowrimo

Hello Travelers,

Our feet, the most common instrument by which we, in the most literal sense, travel down our individual paths, so often bear the brunt of what we are exposed to.

Please take a moment to reflect on this over Leslie Moon’s latest posted poem, Splinters In My Feet. This brief, sentimental detour will be well worth your time.

Splinters In My Feet #photography #poetry #atoz #napowrimo.

Damned Words by @PenoftheDamned

Hello Travelers,

We’ve a special blessing today- nine pieces of flash fiction, all of 100 words, inspired by one story, brought to you by some of the darkest independent minds of horror.

It won’t take you long to take a look, but dare you, when all that lies beyond is the abyss?

Damned Words.

Broken Dream by @moondustwriter @penofthedamned

Hello Travelers,

There’s nothing like a little darkness to liven up a bright day, and rarely does one find a more fitting piece of short horror than at the Pen of the Damned forum.

Today, I found myself reading Leslie Moon’s “Broken Dream”, a very intriguing piece that seems to have a mix of Gothic and Romantic influences. Take a moment to step out of your reality and into her nightmare, won’t you?

Broken Dream.