Oblivion by @AlexChaseWriter @CoffinHop 2013

Hello Travelers,

I don’t often write urban fantasy, but when I do…

Ok that’s partially a lie. I love the juxtaposition of urbanity and mythology. It’s in pretty much everything I write, in one way or another. I took some… liberties… with established lore though. This, of course, is just a piece of a 5000 word (or so) story. Be sure to let me know what you think!


“One single bullet, filled with such devastating magicks that it can erase from existence any creature through whom it’s fired… Erase everything they’ve ever done, erase them from memory, from any record in heaven or hell… I swear, Catherine, I will turn this upon the one who stole you from me, and I will ensure there isn’t a molecule left of them for me to despise,” I hiss, stroking my wedding band and kissing the barrel of The .52 Spear.

Some say the weapon was crafted by Darkness and Chaos, the only entities to pre-date God. Writhing in the light, they designed it in hopes that they could slay the Holy Father, the one who restrained them and instituted his will upon them. It is so powerful that only one bullet was made. Having no physical form, they could not fire it.

It was passed down to a mortal, then to that mortal’s children, and their children, and so on. The ethereal weapon, which weighed next to nothing, seemed to be the heaviest thing a person could hold. It was regarded with such fear that its mere presence on a battlefield could stop an army cold, sending the opposing forces to their knees in servitude to the ruler that wielded it. If a president were to be shot by its one bullet, all traces of him would be erased. His parents would not remember him. His people would not serve him. His land would belong to the one who destroyed him. The victim would be rent asunder, cast into the void where only unrelenting Chaos and eternal Darkness dwelled. Should the stories prove true, God could be slain, erasing all traces of Him, the Bible and His religions. The all-mighty are said to cower at the threat of such oblivion.

I, at barely twenty-six, am unemployed, a widower, and Damned.

And The Spear is mine.


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